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purpose. we take our department of defense and we hold them to a very tight account. we don't let them spend money without a contract, without reviews by the inspector general, reviews by our committee. but here's $2.6 billion unspecified. oh, mr. car decide, use it wisely. -- cars eyed, use it wisely. >> i reserve the remaining time. >> claim time in opposition. mr. womack: afghan national forces includes the national afghan army and police and been one of the united states' top priorities since operations began in afghanistan in 2001. the purpose of the afghan national force development program is to grow the capacity and capability of the afghan national security force in line with international agreements. this year's request totals $7.7 billion. the request is in the categories of defense forces, interior forces and detainee operations. included within the categories is sustainment to conduct day-to-day operations totaling $5 billion and enablelers that my friend refers to and says that if i heard him correctly that we don't know what these enablers are. we doe no what they are. a
of the big activities was the defense spending bill. what is the headlines coming out of that discussion? guest: the headline has to do with the national security agency. it was a very close vote. it shows how divided the house -200epresentatives, 217 five, to keep allowing the nsa to collect telephone records. host: explain it to those that are not following it closely. many: i don't imagine too people do not understand it. this is the national security agency that was found to be collecting phone calls. they are randomly collecting phone calls under court orders from a secret court. certainly a lot of people do not want to be listened to. this was all covered by edward snowden, now sitting in the moscow airport. to stop a vote to try this practice, which was authorized by congress as part of the patriot act after 9/11. host: the amendment did not survive? guest: it did not survive. it does not explain how that would happen. host: who supported this amendment and who opposed it? we saw a lot of things that you probably did not see before. we have liberal democrats who did not like the g
is a key priority for the national defense? theaid the tour, replacement -- senator, the ouracement is critical to nuclear deterrent strategy and capability. have the committed to air launched missiles as well. this would seem to me to be the first priority in terms of modernization. is this consistent with your views and strategies? the flexibility of having a triad is very important to our deterrent strategy. form ise ohio last nearing its end of life, it is very important that we replace it in addition to the calculations you just mentioned. one of the things that will be from theto support department of defense to do that. a -- nos to be commitment to modernization of the whole triad. since most of our eggs are in the summer rains, we have to do that first. is that your view? it is not in my purview as to how they are paid for. it is important that we move forward with that platform. >> we are in the met of a like the 70'sts and 80's. now it is the sea battle. you will be in the midst of that. general scupper on the -- scaparrotti will be in asia. it is strategically toward the
was so obvious there was no defense to. it and if he is sentenced to the maximum, he is facing 20 years. he kept a slight credit because he was abused in the pre- trial confinement and gave hymn credit for a couple hundred days. we start with 20 years and then get to serious charges. here is significance. bradley manning argues he didn't reveal them to the enemy but the woky leaks and under supreme court law wikileaks can't be published because if they are a journalistic entitties, then the person who gives it to the journalist and the journalist who reveals it, the person who gives it cannot be prosecuted for what the journalist did. the judge may push the law in one direction or another. we haven't sewn a case like this. norm willy the charge is against the journalist and here it is against the person who gave it to journalist. >> kathryn harris might have news for us. >> with an explanation. >> yeah, we just had information that came out of the courtroom by that information center and what we are told that on the first count, the most source count bradley manning was found not guilty
as a whistleblower. the prosecution cited a conviction from the civil war days. the defense denied that bradley manning aided the enemy. arguing there's no evidence at all that he knew al qaeda militants ever even looked at wikileaks, and today it appears the judge agreed. bradley manning shows very little emotion, might have smiled at the end. catherine herridge is live. tell us more how this plate out in court. >> the military courthouse is about three-quarters of a mile from where i'm standing right now, and just before 1:00 eastern, about 12 minutes before that hour, private first class gradley mapping entered the courtroom and at that time, at least initially, he appeared fairly relaxed but as the clock tick down he became understandably tense. when verdict was read, manning stood up, faced the judge directly with his arms like stove pipes at his side. showed virtually no emotion, and two dozen of his supporters were in the courtroom as public spectators, and they were silent. afterwards, those speck taters connected with the defense attorneys and there was some applause, but virtually tha
of the naacp, legal defense and educational fund. barbara who is executive director and president of the lawyers committee, the civil rights under law. which by the way is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year having been founded by president kennedy in response to violence against those who sought to register voters in the past. tom, who is president of the mexican american legal defense and educational fund, bringing more lawsuits in the area of voting rights than almost any other latino organization and particularly focused in texas right now. laura, who represents the american civil liberties union, washington national office, who reminded all of us about the important work that the aclu is doing, bringing over 300 voting rights cases currently. ere's rosalyn brock, chairperson of the naacp, the nation's oldest and largest civil human rights organization. there are state lenl slators, 'm sorry, there's margaret fung. we have state legislators from texas, from alabama, from georgia, from florida. this is really a broad and diverse group. the national coalition of black civ
amash, late today offered an amendment to a defense spending bill that would end the n.s.a.'s blanket collection of domestic phone data. amash's plan would allow the n.s.a. to continue collecting limited u.s. phone data but only of individuals targeted in counter- terrorism investigations. administration officials are fighting any restrictions. >> i think it's important to-- for the defense of our country. >> reporter: n.s.a. chief keith alexander has led the campaign to preserve the n.s.a.'s powers. intelligence committee leaders from both parties agree it's crucial to keep collect so- called metadata, information detailing what numbers are dialed and how long the calls last. but a privacy-minded coalition of liberals and conservatives want the government to back off. jason chaipens is a republican from utah. >> if there's cause, great, let's go ahead and track you. but if there's not cause, if you're an american going about your own business, you should not be tracked by your federal government. >> reporter: late today the amendment was defeated. meaning the n.s.a. data collection p
and disadvantaged. and it's hoped such a message may prove more attractive than the defensiveness that prevailed in the wake of repeated vatican scandals, both financial and sexual. in rio, we found new yorker ariana drauch who credited the pope with re-energizing the faithful. >> i think the pope has a great head on his shoulders and he definitely -- he knows what he's talking about. >> reporter: dean reynolds de janeiro, cbs news. >>> time now for headlines. for that to happen the stock would have to trip until value. >> "the washington post" says the cia is winding down operations in afghanistan. the spy agency plans to cut the number of its clandestine bases in afghanistan in half. >> the "los angeles times" look at apple third quarter earnings. the company beat predictions. also set a record for the number of iphones sold. the news sent shares higher in after hours trading. >> "the boston globe" said a grand jury is hearing emd on whether aaron hernandez should be charged in the shooting death of two men in 2012. he is due in court today for the murder of another man
. it is not speaker boehner. it is because president obama, secretary kerry and the department of defense. they are the ones that are slow-walking this. i wish i could wrap it up and look everyone of those families in the eye, this is what happened, this is what was wrong, this is how the administration botched this but i can't do so until i get the administration to fest up and provide us the documents. but i will credit speaker boehner lately to actually providing the subpoenas needed to drag people in there we had classified hearings. we, as we go into the fall will have a series of open hearings where the world will be able to see us question these people. we doesn't need a select committee to do any of. we can do it within the committees and that's what we're doing. bill: jason chaffetz, the republican from utah. we'll talk soon. >> thank you. bill: martha. martha: first it was a saturday mail delivery they took away but could home delivery all together become a thing of the past? can you imagine life like that? a closer look at a controversial plan to help the postal service balance
viable defenses, what could he face what penalties could it carry as well? >> reporter: of course aiding the enemy is the most serious of charges he faces and for that he could get life in prison but there are a variety of other charges that could land him in jail for some time. manning also charged with eight charges under the espionage act, five theft charges, and two more of computer fraud. all of those federal charges. each one could get him up to 10 years in prison. on top of that there are five military counts of violating regulations punishable up to two years. manning chose to have a judge decide the case instead of a jury. it is entirely up to her now. the judge tentatively scheduled a sentencing hearing on wednesday. that could run for several weeks since each side has more than 20 potential witnesses. jamie. >> will be interesting to see if manning speaks on that. thanks so much. bill: support for anthony weiner dropping like a stone amid the latest fallout from his newest texting scandal. the former congressman held on to second place in the days after the latest story broke
they won't find another picture. >> reporter: there's no telling if the defense of her husband will help rezer is recollect his >> it took a whole lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive him. >> this morning "the new york times" and "daily news" are calling on weiner to withdraw. but weiner is insisting he's not dropping out of the race. >> after. this is what's so shocking, this is not new pictures that have surfaced from that trauma and drama. it's have after after he was publicly exposed, pardon the double entendre. and >> after he said, he was so ready for this damage control. he said, he was surprised this didn't come out sooner. but it's definitely a big surprise to see his wife, you know, she's right there, standing by him. >> right. >> we all saw her, we were surprised to even see her in the first place. and for her to come to the podium and speak out sent a very powerful message. >> interesting story. we'll certainly be watching. it will be interesting to see reaction to huma's speech as well and her comments. pamela brown, thanks for that.
bulger mob trial, the reputed crime boss is possibly going to take the stand in his own defense. will he? our legal panel takes up that case. plus is the other shoe about to drop in major league baseball's doping scandal? some big names who might soon see very lengthy suspensions. jenna: media reports swirling that suspensions for the yankees, a-rod, alex rodriguez and 14 other players caught up in a far reaching doping scandal could be handed down by major league baseball any minute now. apparently it seems that things are changing a little bit as we go further into this week. rick has the latest from the news rom -- room. rick: braun, the brewers star who agreed to sit out the rest of the season because of his connection to a clinic in south florida, this clinic suspected of giving players' performance enhancing drugs. there are a bunch of players with ties to the clinic and major league baseball has been investigating all of this for awhile now. biggest name you mentioned in the intro, a-rod, alex rodriguez, the yankees' slugger who at a time was considered to be one of the best, if
's defense of her husband will help resurrect her political career. this morning the "new york times" and "new york daily news" are calling for weaner to withdraw. several other candidates say he's unfit for office. he's made it clear he plans to stay in the race. >> there's no question his competitors want him to drop out because he's beating all but one. we bring in anna navarro and mr. john avalon, both cnn contributors. beautiful to have you both, thank you for being here. i'll start with you, anna. here is the question. is this new and more or is this just more of the same? how do you think this plays politic politically? >> it's certainly new and more for voters in new york and people that watch it develop on tv. perception wise it's new and more and in politics what matters is perception. he has a recurrent problem. there's a huge difference between a one-time occurrence and recurrence going on after he had been caught. this tells you this guy has a problem. >> also you have another timing this looks politically expedient for somebody, mr. avalon, that it comes to the polls hi
the constitution says they have to have a defense that we can't afford apparently? i met yesterday with maryland district court judges, about eight of them, and they raised this issue as one of critical importance and one of the judges, a reagan appointee, was obviously very animated at how we were undermining the very essence of the judicial system. surely no one on this floor intends to do that. at the defense department 650,000 vifflian workers are already -- civilian workers are already being furloughed two days a month. that's an effective cut and pay by 20%. the hardworking people whom we rely to maintain the national security of our country. on july 2 i visited with pax ian defense works from and talked with those who were forced to stay at home without pay. they were concerned about their family's finances but, mr. speaker, these hardworking and patriotic public servants were far more worried about support for our troops on the field on friday when many are forced to stay at home. they can't legally come to work and volunteer their time. the sequester is hurting morale and putting our na
. budgetary time of austerity, w.i.c. was included in the across-the-board cuts in defense and discretionary programs under sequester. snap was excluded because it's a entitlement like social security and medicare. but w.i.c. was included in the sequester because it is an sniment. as if the cuts in sequester weren't bad enough, the house agriculture appropriations bill now cuts the program even further by more than $500 million. the 7.3% cut to w.i.c. in this bill could result in over 200,000 pregnant mothers and infants losing nutritious food. even factoring in the reserve fund, 55,000 moms and kids will go without nutrition that they need. it is sad that the republican-controlled house of representatives is cutting vital health and development programs for pregnant and nursing mothers and their very young children, while at the same time they find billions of dollars to send overseas in a wasteful war in afghanistan. madam speaker, during my series of end hunger now speeches, there's been one unifying theme i believe puts us on the path to end hunger now. that theme is presidential leaders
. >> reporter: with the continued possibility of more texts, there's no telling if abedin's defense of her husband will help resurrect his political career. >> it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy. to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. >> and carol, this morning, the in the in the and the "new york daily news" said weiner should withdraw from the race. his opponents are saying he's unfit for office. weiner said he's not going anywhere, staying in the mayoral race. according to the most recent polls he's still a top contender but it's yet to be seen how these new developments will impact him, how they'll impact voters and how he'll do in the polls. >> thanks so much, pamela brown. we'll talk more about the anthony weiner affair at the bottom of the hour. >>> edward snowden can now leave, russian media is roaring the russian government is giving the nsa leaker papers to enter russia legally. the visa is temporary while russia considers snowden's request for asylum. phil black is in moscow. he joins us on the phone. tell us more, phil. >> reporter: well, carol, you're r
class. the best defense against all of these forces, global competition, economic polarization, is the strength of the community. so we need to -- we need a new push to rebuild rundown neighborhoods. we need new partnerships. we need new partnerships for some of the hardest hit towns of america, to get them back on their feet. and because no one who works full time in america should have to live in poverty, i'm going to keep making the case that we need to raise the minimum wage because it's lower right now than it was when ronald reagan took office, it's time for the minimum wage to go up. [ cheers and applause ] we're not a people who allow chance of birth to decide life's biggest winners or losers. and after years in which we've seen how easy it can be for any of us to fall on hard times, folks in galesburg, folks in the quad cities, you know there are people who work hard. sometimes they get a bad break. plant leaves. somebody gets sick. somebody loses a home. we've seen it in our family and our friends and our neighbors. we've seen it happen, and that means we cannot turn
. it included this state department ig and the apartment defense and cigar. i was involved in usa eight as said as well. also the fraud section at that time. many of those cases were invited to folks in my section. -- were involved in my section. i'm very familiar with that. >> super. in late march, the state department's oig notified the department it was start a special accountability review board process in order to determine the process. it also mentioned recommendations regarding aftermath of benghazi. i would love to hear you talk about how that work is progressing or if you are not there yet. in termsd be your hope of continuing that work and looking at that and how it can be made most helpful? >> i have no knowledge of that review. i have not been involved in it. i have not studied the underlying facts. i plan, if confirmed, taking a hard look at all pending matters . that is one of the pending matters. i have no judgments or conclusions yet. once i am able to review facts and documents, i will be in a better position to determine the next steps. >> i have no further questions. >> thank
, she is. >> no doubt. >> beginning with former congressman anthony weiner on the defensive once again over x-rated text messages and sexy photos. >> weiner with his wife at his side says he will not drop out of the new york city mayoral race. wabc's dave evans has the latest. >> reporter: anthony weiner, braved the cameras with his wife huma and admitted yes he kept on sexting after he resigned from congress, after he went away to rehab, and even after last summer's warm and fuzzy "people" magazine feature and the candidate seemed surprised that we were surprised. >> that is why if you remember in the early days of the campaign, people were pressing me for -- is there more out there? i said, yes. i said that there was. >> reporter: but the star of show was the wife. huma abedin used to work for hillary clinton and she almost never speaks publicly. >> we discussed all of this before anthony decided to run for mayor. so, really what i want to say is, i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him. >> reporter: and then huma said she and her husband are moving forward. the news makes
, was not at his side today, on what was her 37th birthday. but he came to her defense. >> i will never stop being grateful to my wife for sticking with me. people are saying some unspeakable things about her, because she and i fought to keep our marriage together. >> reporter: it's the latest case of a politician's fall from grace. always men, it seems, behaving badly. judy smith, the crisis management expert who inspired the abc show "scandal," weighed in on "this week with george stephanopoulos." >> it's not like, sort of the usual politician having an affair. there's an element of creepiness to this. >> reporter: she expressed doubt his mayoral bid could survive. >> and jeff is with us now here on the desk. and weiner now saying he's going to recalculate like a gps machine. not sure it will be that easy. can he stay in the race, even though he's vowing to? politically, is that possible? >> reporter: that was a very bizarre turn of phrase this morning. politically, it's very difficult for him. two of his friends told me today that it's gon gone from impossible to very unlikely he can stay in. b
. they called at this time national defense education act. it was all about america's defense. and what they said was, we will loan money to student loans across -- students across america to go to college. i think that their rationale was sound. if more americans went to college and got educated we would have the engineers and scientists we need to make this a strong nation from a defense point of view and from our economy point of view. so i thank the russians for launching sputnik and i thank the congress for creating the national defense education act because a kid from east stlooth st. louis, illinois, whose parents had eighth grade educations had a chance to go to college and he's standing here today in the united states senate. it was a good deal, too. the national defense education act said you don't have to pay it back until after you graduate, ten equal payments at 3% interest. i remember these because i was frightened to death in 1969 when i finished law school and added up all my student loans and they said to me you owe $8,500. i went home to my wife and i said we're doomed
manhattan. was on trial for the murder of a woman named elmer stands. mr weeks's defense attorneys were aaron burr and alexander hamilton. kind of interesting. really was remarkable trial that took place as the country was coming into being and to have these two rivals as your defense attorney. and won't give away the ending of the trial or the book itself. remarkable book as well. so far that is the book, books i am presently reading. >> let us know what you are reading this summer, tweet us at booktv. post it on our facebook page or send us an e-mail at >> the first problem with conventional ways of explaining secularization has to do with the historical time line. secularization has been understood by most great modern thinkers and for that matter plenty of mediocre ones as a process in which religion slowly but surely vanishes from the earth or it least it's more sophisticated precinct. as people become more educated and prosperous the collective story goes, the same people come to find themselves more skeptical of religion's premises. they find themselves less ne
passed important legislation, the defense appropriations bill. this bill prohibits furloughs on employees serving our department of defense in fiscal year 2014. these employees are now in their third week of furloughs. this week we heard from undersecretary of defense comptroller bob hale about the adverse impacts which are expected to worsen if furloughs continue. his message made clear the harm furloughs have already had on our force readiness. mr. wittman: he echo what had i am hearing from my constituents who i talk to on a daily basis. these people are dispointed and frustrated they cannot support the war fighter and are fearful of an unknown future. while it may be too late for the 11 days of furlough through september, congress has the opportunity, and i believe the obligation, to get this important provision, prohibiting furloughs, signed into law as soon as possible. and i urge the senate to join the house in passing this important measure. and with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does t
was beth mchenry who was a communist organizer who had worked for the international labor defense on the scottsboro case in alabama, and she put him in touch with some communist organizers and the city and in "now let us praise famouse men" he writes actually he met with him several times. people who work, quote, spies and enemies. that's who he's talking about. his first night he went to the county where all sharecroppers unions had been founded to hear a speech by the conrad. so when he went to the south he was in the context of the communist party organizing. now over the next five years, his attitudes towards communism and the communist party changed. but, you know coming you can see that conflict in the epigraph to "now let us praise famouse men," which begins with a quote from the king juxtaposed a quote from the communist manifesto. but the fact that the communist manifesto reads quote code these words are here to mislead those will be misled by then." so with agee and you always get the kind of point and the conflict which is right there on the page. >> are you saying that
number or superior to remain. you adopt a defensive strategy. and this will work for you for a reason that's really important. we don't have to win. they have to win. as long as we don't lose, we win. and that's what happens. we never really when the war. they just decide to give up. you know, at the end of the war on the trees and there's over 3,000 british troops still in north america. but they just decided to leave. washington learns this lesson and some of 1776 or the thought process that leaves at the the lesson is that at that time to the it's hard for him to accept this. a potentially, he does. and if you think about it, many of the great generals in world history are losers. hannibal, napoleon, robert e. lee rommel. washington was not a good general. he lost more battles than he won. but he was a winner. he was a winner because of his resilience and the insight he had at the strategic level. i think my time is kind of up. i will end with one somewhat controversial question or statement. when the war in iraq was ratcheting up, i got a call from one of the hotbeds of the l.a. t
the secularists. now, the military as well as other state institutions has been on the defensive. this new alignment may not be any more stable or lasting. it is also important to say the current alliance with the secular opposition is anti- brotherhood. it is not anti-islamist. the party supported the removal of morsi and has exerted its influence in the new transition by vetoing the cabinet choices. my second point is that we should really reserve judgment. on the patht egypt towards democracy or not. on the positive side of the ledger, the military is not exerting control directly but has put civilians out front. they put in place a cabinet. addition to that, i would say another positive sign is that the new transition roadmap puts the rewriting of the constitution before the holding of new parliamentary and presidential elections and this a flaw in the first transition. the fact that they held this before the first time. they are dominating the process and is quitting others. on the negative side of the ledger, the way in which the democratic process was set aside on july 3 is troublin
. 30 days' written notice of the charges against them, give them the 30 days to put together a defense, or to offer their version of the facts, that's all that was required. and then we could have fired them. or put them on administrative leave without pay. that was in the discretion of g.s.a. so when g.s.a. tells mr. kelly they can't do anything, there's plenty they could do. they could have taken both those employees, put them on administrative leave without pay, talk about protecting the taxpayer, i'm for that, they had the power to do that in these cases. they could have taken both those employees under current law with due process in place, put them both on administrative leave without pay, and we could have protected the taxpayer. that was a discretion on the part of the administration and the folks that made the decision in that place. it was not the fault of the law. but interestingly enough it also protected us to have the second version of the facts put forward to bring more light -- mr. cummings: i'm going to allow mr. lynch to close in the 45 seconds we have left. mr. lynch
are calling special handling from the governor's office. after setting up a legal defense fund at the end of last week, after hiring a falanx of high-powered lawyers, after hiring a high-level crisis pr guy, the embattled governor of virginia today for the first time apologized. apologized for making the state a laughing stalk. said he was paying back some of the cash. which he says were loans. that said, the catering bill at his daughter's wedding, $10,000 for the other daughter's wedding, $6,500 rolex watch for the governor, $10,000 suede jacket for the governor's wife. the bergman new york shopping trip and all the rest for the wife, he's keeping all that. some of the cash he says he has now paid back and also for the first time he has said he is sorry. so far, at least, he says he is no resigning. now, if governor mcdonnell performed official actions like, say, setting up meetings with this company with state officials in exchange for all the cash and loot he took from the company, today's apology is not going to stop a federal grand jury from indicting bob mcdonnell and not stop him
for his ex-wife says her family believes his death was not related to this trial. the it defense starts on monday. they deny he murdered anybody. no word yesterday yet on whether bulger himself might take the stand. egyptians forcing through islamist constitution. that is is nothing compared to the latest accusations against mohammed morsi. fox reports live on the new murder investigation. and the united states is making a promise about what would happen to this guy should he return to america. the latest on the nsa leaker coming up. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ check out huge savings on great gear during the storewide tent sale and clearance event at bass pro shops. and during t
in germany. we were just in defensive action. i was in the headquarters company at the infantry regiment and on the staff of the colonel with others. i had the rank of corporal. i escape the front line trench warfare but was subject accounts and artillery fire. spent much of the first birthday on the frontline, march 6th 1918. went out on patrol with the patrol group that night. we spent two months in that sector which was be cemented down. well, that was our first sector. two months later we were moved to another sector, the tool sector. .. >> thinks that it they have seen and done 85 years earlier. in fact, something i learned very quickly, people aged 100-113 is that at that age it's very much a matter of first and last out. and so most of these people could recall at least to some extent details of things they are done 80, 90, even 100 years earlier. there was a gentleman in fact named fred hale from new sharon main whom i interviewed in december of 2003 am one of the things we talked about was new year's day 1900. i'm not sure fred could of told him what he had for breakfast that mo
the defense beat, you kind of take it piece mail. you spend time with the people who made these tanks, you fly and osprey, you train and you do all of these things but you never see it come together and work together in what they call combined arms, where everyone is supporting each other. when you watch them up close and the marines are trying to take an objective and they have to coordinate all these moving pieces, and the claimant -- any equipment is moving, you get a good sense of the scale of this and the in normandy and complexity of modern warfare complexity ofd modern warfare. people tend to think that with satellite systems that the fog of war has dissipated, but when you are out there and you are close up, you see that it really hasn't that much. there is still a lot of and the ambiguity on of the battlefield and if you don't match the right weapon system with the right target, it doesn't go well. shooting without maneuvering is a waste of ammo, maneuvering without shooting is suicide. you get a sense of how true that is when you see all the elements trying to come together to take a
on the defense appropriations subcommittee bill. the president has issued a statement asking house members to reject the amendment calling it a blunt approach that would hastily dismant alkey counter-terrorism tool and not the results of an informed, open or deliberative process. the house considering amendments today that would limit military aid to egypt and to syria. >>> and speaking of the nsa russia says edward snowden is going to be allowed to leave the moscow airport. the nation's federal migration services has reportedly issued an official pass which means that the nsa leaker can lead the transit area where he has been holed up since june 23rd. also reporting that snowden is going to get new clothes. this is all according to a russian source. we're back with more show and more conversation about anthony weiner, i'm sure, after the break. cenk off air>>> alright in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks! i think the number 1 thing than viewers like about the young turks is that were honest. they know that i'm not bsing them for some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party
episode that will become public now. >> joe -- >> i was going to say in his defense when he was in the "people" magazine article -- seriously. no. he was in the "people" magazine article, they were interviewing him they asked if it was in i had past and he said yes it was in his past. he really had not flash ad woman online since he had gone to the "people" bathroom right down the hall. >> he was sexting while huma was speaking the other day at the press conference. >> the definition of is is and this is the definition of past is. let's see the next round ever polls, willie. i mean if you have the next group of polls showing him still in the hunt then he's got, i think he's got a really good chance in a three way race but i suspect we may see a bit of a collapse. you're right. you're riding in the cab, the guy is laughing at him. new yorkers don't apartment mayor that's a laughing stock. >> quite a line in the therapist resume, i helped anthony weiner out. >> sure never fine her. >> you made an important point. which guy. here's the front of the "new york daily news." here's
two children. the defense tried to claim he drank antifreeze to commit suicide. >>> the father of trayvon martin is on a mission, vowing to keep trayvon martin's name not dragged through the mud as it was during the trial. as for zimmerman, his first post verdict for ray into the public eye is raising some questions now. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: they were the words of a father channeling anguish into action on capitol hill. >> i vow to do everything in my power not to give up the fight for him, not only to fight for trayvon but to fight for so many other young, black and brown boys of this country. >> reporter: after george zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin, his father, tracy martin, made the opening remarks at the first-ever meeting of the congressional caucus on black men and boys. martin, a truck driver by profession, has appeared in multiple interviews and public appearances since the july 13th verdict. george zimmerman had all but disappeared until last week when police say he happened upon an suv that rolled over and helped the
under title 51, national defense, chapter 36, foreign intelligence surveillance, chapter 4, roman numeral 4, section 1861. so paragraph 3 after 2, says an investigation conducted in this section shall not be conducted by -- of a u.s. person solely on the basis of activities protected by the first amendment, we get to paragraph 3. and this was an issue that was very contentious. there were groups boycotting and demonstrating and saying, hey, this is all about library books. we don't want the bush administration being able to go in and get a list of books we have read. well, i contended then and still contend now that to do such a thing of an american citizen you should have to have probable citizen an american has violated the law and get a warrant to do that. but this didn't require a warrant. this allowed under the patriot act if it was for foreign intelligence purposes and for international terrorism investigations, according to the title, but unfortunately in the law itself it said or to protect against international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities. i tell pe
on the amendment part of the defense bill. theepublicans voted for amish bill. no.voted 111 voted for it. 83 against it. some of the key players, marshall blackburn coming up in a few minutes. along withor it, yburn.ibu this would have restricted the nsa. voting no. voted no.ner, well.pelosi voted no as teny hoyer voted no. well.antor voted no as the majority leader. the leadership of voted against it for the most part. that with thebout guest. here is how "the financial times" played the president's speech in illinois -- george in san diego. thank you for holding. republican line. caller: the queue for your program. [inaudible] of the people and should not. i am not happy with him. i think he should go. thank you. host: peter, massachusetts. independent mind. call-- line. different setswo of people. people that are working and doing well making 50,000-100,000 are more. at the same time as another group of people that are unemployed or underemployed -- unemployed or underemployed and working to part-time jobs in the people making the better of it are being forced to do, almost two-three jobs
, excluding aircraft and defense the number is decent, but it's not the extra impetus that you need to see in order to see a bigger peck up in business investment. right now, it looks like business investment is running in the low single digits at the end of q 2, heading into q3. it will be more difficult to achieve that high end of the forecast which is 3, 3.5% going into 2014 with business investment growing 5 to 8%. >> are the numbers today suggestive of the second quarter should be revised up a little bit? i had an average of below 1%. >> for us, according to our estimate the slowdown in consumer spending and business investments seems to have picked up actually a little bit if q2. we are seeing something around 1.2 right now. >> what about the claims number? 343, this level, what does that tell you about jobs and what we might get next friday? >> well, we had stand, our view right now, job growth will remain between 175 and 200. claims number to me suggests we are probably close to the consensus around 180 right now. >> and unemployment would be what? >> unemployment is a tougher call
a horrible job of drawing the lines between the dots. and let's admit it, the defense had the wind behind its back and it was able to make an argument and a narrative that was compelling, even to a woman who emotionally felt that this was the wrong decision. >> i felt, congresswoman, i think that's part of what was so stunning about what she said, is actually here -- you know, we've had the president say trayvon martin could have been my son or if i had a son he would look like trayvon martin. well, her sons might also look like trayvon martin. might be subject to the same pressures. and yet she still felt that the law made it impossible for her to move on that instinct that she was having. >> sure. and this explains i think very clearly why we need to repeal first of all the stand your ground laws. that's a must do. secondly, it also reveals inequities in our criminal justice system that need to be looked at and closed. thirdly, melissa, i just have to say, and i agree with you, michael, but every now and then you have to take a stand. i would have hung that jury. i would have hung that jury
of defense and of the u.s. agency for international development. in addition, my service as the fhfa inspector general demonstrates i have the skills, judgment and experience necessary to manage a large office of inspector general and in dependably oversee an agency with significant program responsibilities and financial resources. in this role, i've gained 80 appreciation for the critical mission of inspectors general within the federal government agencies as well as the importance of conducting vigorous an independent objective oversight. as fhfa's first inspector general, i was responsible for building an organization from the ground up and putting high during approximately 140 professionals. my office of oversight responsibilities for fannie mae and freddie mac, which have received approximately $187 billion to keep them solvent -- this is taxpayer money. from the outset of the office formation, by employing innovative strategies to maximize results, including collaborating with inspectors general to leverage resources and benefit from best practices. to date, my team has publish
. it is a moment -- rouhani. it is a moment that has secretary of defense hagel and the international community an opportunity to re-engage with concern, most importantly the capacity to develop and launch a nuclear weapon. this may be a very small window of opportunity for a fresh start on dialogue and action on the future of a nuclear iran. it may be short lived depending on how iran's new president views this moment, but it is a time when i for one want to support the white house, the state department and the pentagon's ability to move forward our relationship and dialogue with iran on this most serious matter. it is not the moment for congress to increase and expand the level of u.s. sanctions against iran. we have plenty of sanctions right now against iran. if for some reason we need to increase even further the pressure against iran and its new president, then we have the time to do so. it does not need to be done before the new eye rain yab president even -- iranian president even takes office. we have time to weigh his sincerity and more importantly his actions with the international co
's ask our legal eagles. joining us now defense attorney jonna fill bore and are arthur aidala bill. >> alisyn: is he already diverging from the topic. what is a conservativeship? >> that's a legal mechanism where somebody other than you takes over your life to manage it. in this case her parents, amanda bynes parents want to manage her finances and personal life because they don't think she has the capability to do it herself. >> people who are mentally incompetent. >> alisyn: update people. this week she set a fire in a neighbor's driveway. she sent sends a host of pictures out of herself. >> why she is troubled. dui in california. drug charges in new york. the girl is on drugs. left's pull her into a rehab before we get a court appointed baby-sitter to take care of her. if she is not well after she gets off whatever she is on o, then we can take the next step. it shouldn't be a first step to get a conservativeship, it should be a last step. >> alisyn: she may be on drugs and in the middle of some sort of psychiatric disorder. >> she is charged in new york with throwing a bong out
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